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PRP Hair Restoration in Calgary

Calgary PRP Hair Restoration


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are a safe non-surgical method of hair restoration and hair loss treatment for men and women. Used at our Calgary Med Spa, PRP hair restoration uses the growth factors from your blood to stimulate hair growth in the scalp. PRP therapy is for people suffering from alopecia, hair thinning or male pattern baldness. When injected into the scalp, it activates dormant follicles, promoting growth of new hair, improving hair thinning spots. Start regrowing your hair and confidence with non-surgical PRP hair restoration in Calgary at Xthetics today.

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Natural Hair Restoration

PRP treatment encourages the body to repair malfunctioning hair follicles and stimulate hair growth resulting in thicker and longer hair.

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Total Rejuvenation

Growth is stimulated in your own natural hair pattern.

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No Downtime

PRP hair procedures are quick and effective.

PRP Hair Restoration


To begin your treatment for PRP Hair Restoration in Calgary, the expert injectors at Xthetics will start with drawing your blood into a tube. This is done in preparation for separating your plasma from your red blood cells using a centrifuge. After the plasma is separated from your red blood cells, we then insert the tube to our state of the art U225 Needle Injector. Finally, we begin injecting the scalp in areas that contain dormant hair follicles with extreme precision.

PRP is wonderful for hair restoration due to the low potential of side effects, mainly due to the fact that your own blood cells are being used, instead of a foreign medical supplement. There is less of a chance for a reaction because the procedure uses platelets that come from your own body. That’s the best part about the treatment. After the procedure is over, you might have some general soreness on your head, but this therapy is very well tolerated by most people, and any soreness will subside within a few hours. Not all PRP hair restoration procedures are the same. In Calgary at Xthetics, our hair loss treatment for men and women uses the double spin method to prepare PRP which results in a 5x platelet count product as opposed to single spin systems, which result in 1-2x. 5x platelet concentration PRPs are proven by clinical trials to be more effective for hair restoration than less concentrated PRPs.

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Treatment Time

45 Minutes

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Number Of Sessions

4-6 Minimum

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Interval Between Sessions

4 weeks

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1 to 2 sessions per year


What are the risks of PRP Hair Restoration treatment?

PRP injections may result in negative side effects, which should be considered. It is advised to seek advice from a dermatologist if these effects persist or worsen. Some of the potential side effects that may occur include the formation of scar tissue at the injection site, discomfort during the healing process, scalp pain, dizziness, nausea, and injury to blood vessels and nerves. Although these effects are typically not serious, it is essential to consult a medical professional if they persist or worsen.

PRP Hair RestorationMost Common Questions

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a skin rejuvenation technique that uses your own blood platelets to stimulate new cell growth. It is used for facial rejuvenation and for hair loss or thinning.

This plasma is injected into your skin using an injection device. The injection device is used to penetrate the skin and introduce your own reparative cells into the dermis to induce repair. The technique of injecting PRP is virtually painless with the use of the injection device and the whole treatment takes about an hour.

Results from PRP hair restoration treatments can be seen for many years after treatment. However, these results vary due to the individual’s natural quality of Platelet Rich Plasma, as well as their lifestyle. While we cannot stop the aging process, we can slow it down. Results from PRP treatments can be extended with continuous skin treatments and proper at home skincare maintenance.

PRP is considered very safe, since it is your own blood, and therefore carries no allergic reaction risk. The skill of your doctor comes into play to ensure the best possible results.

PRP hair restoration takes approximately 1 hour. This depends on if the PRP is administered through injections only, and/or micro-needled into the skin.

PRP injected into the scalp works to heal the affected areas by using your own body’s growth factors.

Your blood is taken and spun to separate out the red blood cells, the white blood cells, plasma, and platelets. The plasma and platelets are then separated out and that is PRP: platelet-rich plasma.

Some mild discomfort may be felt during the injection. The sensation typically felt is a pin prick and mild tingling sensation. This sensation only lasts a few minutes. We ensure our patients are comfortable throughout the entire PRP treatment.

Clients notice tightening and a more even skin tone within a week or two after PRP treatments, however, for best results, it is recommended that a minimum of 3 PRP hair restoration treatments be performed one month apart. This creates an accumulative effect and results continue to build for up to 6-12 months after every treatment.

Eligible Alberta residents can receive complete coverage for necessary physician services and certain dental and oral surgical health services under the AHCIP. Any non-essential medical procedures, including cosmetic treatments such as PRP Hair Restoration treatment, are not covered by the AHCIP.

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