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Innovations in Aesthetics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt in Calgary, Alberta

Innovations in Aesthetics at Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt

At Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt in Calgary, Alberta, innovation is the lifeblood of our practice. We are tapped into the pulse of all things new in tech and routinely integrate the latest equipment into all our services. Our next-generation medical and aesthetic devices can do everything from measuring inches lost to delivering specific cells with the molecules they need to thrive. With the future of tech at our fingertips, we set you up for success from day one.


VECTRA XT is an ultra-high resolution, 360° body imaging tool that can show you the exciting possibilities of what different aesthetic procedures can accomplish in realtime.


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See measurable results from your body sculpting or weight management plan with award-winning InBody technology. In less than two minutes, the InBody Scan calculates up to 770 data points, including percent body fat, muscle mass, water weight, and basal metabolic rate, with up to 98 percent accuracy. Using the InBody 570 Body Composition Analyzer, we translate hard data into powerful insights you can use to meet your goals head-on.

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Mesotherapy is a novel way to soften the look of wrinkles and dial up the skin’s natural glow factor. Mesotherapy introduces age-defying ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, enzymes, nutrients, and antioxidants directly into the skin where signs of aging have started to creep in. In addition to skin revitalization, mesotherapy is a promising way to reverse thinning hair when applied to the scalp.

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Peptide Therapy

Peptides are a type of short-chain amino acid that serve as the building blocks for proteins. Without them, skin loses its youthful firmness, and hair starts to shed. To regain a healthy scalp and supple skin, we offer peptide therapy, including matrixyl, to stimulate collagen production and copper tripeptide-1, which combats hair loss.

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Sylfirm X is a cutting-edge skin rejuvenation technology developed in Silicon Valley. It facilitates dermal tissue remodeling by selectively targeting abnormal blood vessels and tissues using microneedling and ultra-short pulse radiofrequency energy at an ideal depth of 300 microns. As the world’s first FDA-cleared pulsed wave and continuous wave RF microneedling system, Sylfirm X is clinically shown to improve skin and scalp health.

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Aging, inflammation, dehydration, and cellular degeneration can make you look and feel older. Exosome therapy helps your cells communicate with one another so they perform at peak efficiency. These nano-sized spheres carry proteins, lipids, and other bioactive material to other cells, spurring a natural regeneration process that can do everything from regrowing hair to improving the skin’s luminosity, elasticity, and firmness.

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Get chiseled features without lifting a finger using InMode EvolveX, a hands-free body sculpting and skin remodeling platform that touts benefits such as muscle toning, fat reduction, and skin tightening.

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Sculptra is one of the buzziest injectable procedures. As an alternative to conventional fillers, Sculptra can replenish volume to shape the buttocks and minimise the appearance of facial wrinkles for up to two years. The secret is poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible ingredient that instigates collagen production, causing the skin to become plumper and smoother over time.

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Years of Expertise

Why choose Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt for your aesthetic treatments?

While our revolutionary technology is impressive, it’s our people that set us apart. At Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt, our industry-leading clinicians bring years of expertise to every procedure. Our staff has undergone in-depth training in techniques and safety, allowing our clients to achieve clinical outcomes that surpass expectations.

Yet, our team brings more to the table than experience and technological savvy. We are compassionate, attentive listeners that truly care about helping you reach your goals. From the moment you walk through the door, our entire focus is on you. At Xthetics, our passion for aesthetic excellence and patient-centric care shows in our five-star ratings.

A More Youthful You

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As forward-thinkers, we believe futuristic technology is essential for amplifying treatment outcomes. Our state-of-the-art offerings are rooted in scientific data, backed by clinical research, and engineered to elicit profound changes to your appearance and wellbeing. Get started on your transformation at Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt today!

Our physician-led staff is excited to share how our tech innovations can assist you in actualizing your goals. Call our office on (587) 772-6449 to learn more about our next-generation wellness and aesthetic services.

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Each person that walks into our office has unique needs, desires, and concerns. We know the only way to provide you with a personalized treatment plan is to listen. During your initial consultation, we take the time to clarify and understand your goals and educate you as to the treatment options available. Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt offers advanced, medical-grade aesthetics solutions from compassionate, patient-focused professionals. Schedule a consultation today.

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