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Numbing Guide Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt

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Step 1

Cleanse the area (full face, lips, double chin area) where the numbing cream will be applied with a gentle cleanser and warm water, then patted dry. Assess the treatment area for broken skin, and if present, avoid putting cream there.

Calgary medspa model

Step 2

Prep the skin with HaleDerma Spray (optional)

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Step 3

Use the brush or tongue depressor provided to apply a thick layer of cream to the area as shown above.

Calgary medspa model with brown hair

Step 4

Please DO NOT apply cream around the eyes. We will apply numbing to that area (if applicable) for you at the clinic.

Calgary medspa model with brown hair

Step 5

For double chin treatment ONLY : immediately after applying the cream as shown above (pic), cover it with the Tegaderm provided.

Calgary medspa model with brown hair

Step 6

The numbing cream should be applied 30-45 minutes before your scheduled treatment time. You may experience a tingling sensation after the application until the numbing cream wears off. The anesthetic effects will last about 20 minutes to a half hour after its removal from skin, depending on the patient.

Keep your Numbing Kit in a safe place in room temperature. Keep it away from pets and children. If accidental ingestion, please call 911
If you have any questions, call us at (587) 772-6449.

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