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Beauty to the power of X


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Xperience Next Level Care

A Physician-led Medical Aesthetics practice in Calgary

At Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt in Calgary, we provide physician-led treatments, share the science behind the methods we offer, and deliver on our promises.

With each treatment, our ultimate goal is a truly life-enhancing experience. Through advanced treatment solutions designed to highlight and accentuate your natural beauty, we help you realize your most authentic and confident self. We know that your goals are not simply skin deep. Our holistic-minded treatments support who you are as a person, achieving external results that truly reflect the inner you. Our Calgary Med Spa team is here to help you look, feel, and live your best.

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Meet Our Medical Spa Experts

A Physician-led Medical
Aesthetics practice in Calgary

Dr. Maria Chuquer


Dedicated to helping patients feel empowered, confident, and like the best version of themselves, Dr. Chuquer has completed extensive training in dermal fillers, biostimulators, neuromodulators, cosmetic medicine, cosmetic dermatology, and weight loss therapies. In addition, Dr. Chuquer is an anesthesiologist with in-depth knowledge of pain management and ultrasound-guided injection. She is passionate about applying the most advanced techniques in aesthetic medicine to achieve exquisitely natural-looking results.

Dr. Chuquer builds a foundation of confidence with each patient through a personal and collaborative treatment approach. Together, you will discuss how each treatment option can enhance your life to curate a beautifully-tailored treatment plan.

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Celina Espinoza

Cosmetic Nurse Injector | RN, BN

Celina is our expert injector, having completed her Bachelor of Nursing at Mount Royal University and obtained advanced training through the Canadian Association of Medical Aesthetics (CAMA), the only Canadian-accredited course to be recognized by the Canadian Nursing Association. She is passionate about the latest innovations in aesthetics and is always looking to further her knowledge and experience.

Celina is an expert at customizing each patient’s procedure to reflect and enhance the naturally beautiful quality of their features. She takes each patient’s trust seriously, going above and beyond to deliver a superior MedSpa experience and results that inspire their most fulfilling life. Born and raised in Calgary, Celina is passionate about serving her community through her patient-focused approach.

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Xceptionally Dedicated to You

The Xthetics Philosophy

The “X” in our name represents the variable of you. We see each of our patients as an independent and unique individual, with an inimitable beauty that can only be complemented through highly personalized care.

When you walk through the doors of our Calgary Med Spa, you can expect a warm welcome and thoughtful experience, from complimentary refreshments and paid parking to our trademarked Sheraton aromatherapy infuser, adding to our relaxing and luxuriously inviting atmosphere. That level of detail is just as deep through every level of your Med Spa treatment experience as we sculpt your personal beauty plan.

We know that living your best isn’t just about looking your best — you need to feel your best. We want to make you proud of your investment in yourself by offering the highest quality medical aesthetic care in Calgary from a provider who treats the person, not just the skin. When it comes to a great Xthetics experience, the X-factor is you.

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Look and Feel Younger with our
Calgary Med Spa Treatments

Xthetics Featured Treatments

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The Look of Youth

Sculptra in Calgary

Sculptra is a next-generation dermal filler designed to restore natural volume to targeted areas. In contrast to traditional fillers, which often contain hyaluronic acid, Sculptra’s primary ingredient is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). PLLA is a biocompatible synthetic material that enhances the body’s natural collagen production for authentically youthful-looking results. Following treatment with Sculptra at our Med Spa Calgary patients may begin to notice results appear within weeks. With results lasting up to two years.

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Relax Away Wrinkles

Botox & Dysport in Calgary

Botox and Dysport are injectable neuromodulator treatments that effectively prevent and smooth dynamic fine lines and wrinkles. When injected into targeted areas, these solutions temporarily inhibit muscle contractions that contribute to such concerns as frown lines, gabellar lines, and crow’s feet. Botox and Dysport can also provide a subtle lifting effect in the brow and treat and a handful of medical conditions. While these products are similar, we can help determine which option is the best fit for you.

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Volume That Lasts

Dermal Fillers in Calgary

We offer state-of-the-art dermal fillers for immediate and long-lasting rejuvenation, including hyaluronic acid-based solutions as well as collagen-enhancing products such as Radiesse and Bellafill. Dermal fillers can be used to restore youthful volume to targeted areas or to non-surgically sculpt and define features. These incredibly versatile products are most often applied to the lips, cheeks, and nasolabial folds. Based on your goals and concerns, we can help you find the perfect product.

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X Marks the Spot

Sylfirm X Microneedling In Calgary

Sylfirm X is a revolutionary microneedling treatment that combines the regenerative power of traditional induction therapy with the added benefits of radiofrequency (RF) and repeated pulse (RP) energies. Compared to other RF microneedling treatments, Sylfirm X causes no collateral damage to healthy tissue and offers a more comfortable experience. Sylfirm X has been approved to treat rosacea, melasma, and other conditions. Sylfirm X delivers a beautifully bright, smooth, even complexion with minimal recovery.

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The Slim Chin Injection

Kybella Double Chin Treatment in Calgary

Kybella is the world’s first injectable treatment designed to eliminate excess submental fat. Through a simple injection process, Kybella eliminates fat cells to reveal youthfully slim and defined neck, chin, and jawline contours. Kybella involves little to no downtime and natural-looking results. Once the treated fat is gone, it’s gone for good!

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At Xthetics, we achieve exquisite results through collaboration. During your consultation, we will work with you to determine your optimally personalized treatment plan.

Our Calgary Medical Spa treatments work with your body to produce exceptionally natural-looking results. With non-surgical therapies designed to enhance your body’s natural regenerative mechanisms, you can achieve optimally authentic and comprehensive rejuvenation. Our skilled team of providers offers a broad range of services to ensure you receive the best possible solution to your concerns in a way that suits your unique aesthetic and lifestyle.

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You are going to love your new skin.

Cosmetic Dermatology in Calgary
at Xthetics

We know skin, and want you to be comfortable in yours. With multiple skin care treatments available for most medical or cosmetic concerns, you’ll find a solution at Xthetics. From facial to body treatments, our Med Spa team in Calgary uses advanced cosmetic dermatology techniques and technologies to help you rediscover your best self.

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Contour, sculpt and shape your ideal physique at our Calgary Med Spa.

Xthetics body contouring and sculpting offers a non-invasive way to slim down quickly without surgery, high costs, or downtime. Target those stubborn spots of fat that diet and exercise can’t fix on their own.

We offer a variety of Med Spa services in Calgary to sculpt and enhance your body’s contours. Sculptra BBL can help you achieve full, youthful buttocks without lipo or surgery. Smooth cellulite dimples for a younger, slimmer look. Or, highlight your mani by restoring youthful volume to your hands in just minutes.

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Each person that walks into our office has unique needs, desires, and concerns. We know the only way to provide you with a personalized treatment plan is to listen. During your initial consultation, we take the time to clarify and understand your goals and educate you as to the treatment options available. Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt offers our patients in Calgary advanced, medical-grade aesthetics solutions from compassionate, patient-focused professionals. Schedule a consultation today.

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