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SCULPTD by Xthetics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Success is Not a Number on the Scale

A healthy life isn't built overnight

Emotional eating, stress, frequent travel, and poor sleep quality can all make it an uphill battle. If you find yourself aiming for a certain weight that is impossible to maintain and it makes you miserable trying to get there, then that's not your “Ideal Weight.”

At Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt, we believe your ideal weight should not be a goal, but a consequence of long-term positive changes in your health and lifestyle. In fact, managing your weight will be a lifelong process—so you need sustainable and realistic long-term solutions. There are also underlying genetic and medical factors that affect how people gain and store weight. But one thing is for sure: the “diet and exercise” formula for weight management is a thing of the past.

Obesity is a real, chronic medical condition, and effective evidence-based treatment options are available to you. With proper support from our highly trained experts, you can take control of your health. We have gathered all you need to win this battle with our SCULPTD by Xthetics Program.

Your ideal weight is a consequence of achieving a healthy lifestyle you can truly enjoy.

What is SCULPTD by Xthetics?

SCULPTD by Xthetics in Calgary, Alberta, is a first-of-its-kind, private, medically supervised weight and lifestyle change program with multidisciplinary support from doctors, nurses, psychologists, dietitians, pharmacists and exercise physiologists.

SCULPTD offers a holistic, person-centered approach to weight management. The guidelines and protocols used in the program are based on the latest Obesity Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines.

The SCULPTD process not only helps people lose weight but also motivates, educates and supports them in maintaining a healthy weight and making healthy choices for a lifetime.

SCULPTD's multidisciplinary team fosters success with weekly check-ins and coaching strategies to assist patients in meeting their unique goals.

By collaborating with Xthetics' physicians, psychologists, nurses, dietitians, wellness coaches, pharmacists, and a supportive online community, patients are equipped to make profound changes to their overall health, appearance, and quality of life.

What can SCULPTD by Xthetics do for me?

Take Control of Your Health and Appearance

SCULPTD by Xthetics helps members by:

  • Supporting the development of confidence in overcoming barriers
  • Supporting the development of intrinsic motivation
  • Encouraging the patient to set and sequence health goals that are realistic and achievable
  • Teaching patients to self-monitor behaviour
  • Teaching patients to analyse set-backs using problem-solving and adaptive thinking

People that struggle with their weight often have a complicated relationship with food. As an example, they may rely on food for comfort or have difficulty making healthy choices when their stomach starts to grumble. Some days, it feels easier to reach for processed snack foods or order takeout, causing inches to accumulate around the waistline and the numbers to creep up on the scale. They may also find it challenging to stick to a healthy plan without someone holding them accountable.

SCULPTD by Xthetics takes the guesswork out of the equation, giving individuals powerful tools and insights they can use in their daily lives to implement positive changes.

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SCULPTD by Xthetics Candidates

To join SCULPTD by Xthetics, you must be aged 18 or older, reside in Alberta, and have a body mass index (BMI) of 27 or higher. You can calculate your BMI here. Members should ideally join with a genuine motivation to make lasting changes to their health and lifestyle.

Our FREE Online Webinar Series

FREE webinar with pharmacist Trish Molberg

FREE webinar with pharmacist Trish Molberg

Many new medications are available for weight management, but are they right for you? Pharmacist Trish Molberg specializes in medications for obesity and diabetes. She'll take you though Ozempic, Saxenda, and the other options on the market.

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FREE webinar with Registered Dietitian Andrea Holwegner

FREE webinar with Registered Dietitian Andrea Holwegner

Tried fad dieting but looking for something that will last? Registered Dietitian Andrea Holwegner has counselled thousands of people on how to improve their relationship with food. She'll show you how anyone can achieve health without guilt, and that the secret to success is having fun.

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FREE webinar with psychologist Dr. Alana Ireland

FREE webinar with psychologist Dr. Alana Ireland

Real change requires understanding yourself, and the reasons behind your previous hurdles. Dr. Alana Ireland has focused her practice on weight-related psychological issues, including weight bias, body image dissatisfaction and eating disorders. She'll show you how to start your journey to improved mental health.

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FREE webinar with Family Physician Dr. James Kim

FREE webinar with Family Physician Dr. James Kim

Obesity is a chronic disease, and many people who experience it are simultaneously burdened by other chronic diseases. Dr. James Kim is an expert on chronic migraines, binge eating, ADHD, and diabetes. He will show you how to safely work towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Medical Weight Loss Consultation and Preparation

Get Motivated

Before entering the program, you will complete a series of Intake Forms to ensure you are a perfect fit for the program. During your initial consultation, you'll meet with Sculptd doctors and registered nurses for a comprehensive evaluation to create a picture of your current health, identify the root causes of weight gain, identify barriers that have been halting your efforts, discuss your goals, and receive a personalized plan that may include medications, behavioral therapy, nutrition, and physical activity support.

Vectra 3D Photos

If you choose to do so, a SCULPTD nurse takes your photos using cutting-edge Vectra imaging software, the world’s first 3D total-body imaging solution. Vectra allows you to view your current body circumference and volumetric measurements and will serve as an invaluable tool in your journey toward a healthier you as you advance through the SCULPTD program.

InBody Scan

This is a body composition analysis performed by our RN that will provide your doctor with important information about your health. You can choose to review the results with your Nurse or leave it only for the doctors. Built with speed and accuracy in mind, our high-tech InBody scanner instantly calculates your body fat percentage, water weight, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat, and basal metabolic rate. The process is non-invasive and takes just two minutes. During future InBody Scans, you can monitor changes to your body composition over time. It is an extra tool to validate how the SCULPTD program is working for you as an individual. The ability to track your progress will provide you with a wellspring of motivation to keep you headed in the right direction.

Your initial assessment with a physician includes:

  • Comprehensive history to identify root causes of weight gain
  • Identify complications of obesity
  • Identify potential barriers to treatment
  • Obesity-focused history & physical exam
  • Prescription of obesity medications and adjuncts

Preparing for the program requires nothing more than willingness and desire to change. The members that have the most success all share something in common. They are dedicated and motivated to improve, both in terms of their health and appearance, for the long haul.

Included with Your SCULPTD Membership

The Membership

SCULPTD by Xthetics members enjoy exclusive perks at no additional cost, including:

  • Free samples of medication during the first month while supplies last.
  • 20% off body contouring and skin tightening treatments with Evolve X.
  • A complimentary swag bag that includes a water bottle, t-shirt, and progress notebook.
  • An invite to join the SCULPTD Facebook group, where members provide a sense of camaraderie, motivation, experience sharing, and advice.
  • Registration to attend workshops led by PCNs throughout the city covering topics such as nutrition, emotional eating, cravings, lifestyle modifications, and more.
  • InBody body composition analysis
  • Vectra 3D photo analysis

What is not included?

Medications are not included. However, you may receive the first month of medication for free to help you get started. Sample medications are subject to availability. Our pharmacist will also assist you in applying for insurance coverage or copay programs.

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The SCULPTD Process

Here is a quick overview of what the next six to twelve months look like for SCULPTD participants:

Initial Assessment

A consultation with the doctor is the first step. During the initial 45-minute visit, the doctor will obtain your medical history, order blood work, and ask about specific lifestyle and health factors that may influence your weight. The doctors at Xthetics are compassionate listeners and provide a judgement-free zone in which you will feel comfortable voicing your goals and concerns. They may also prescribe medication and provide you with a referral to see the pharmacist. Your doctor will also issue a prescription for Get Active and Constant Health programs for immediate access to a Registered Dietitian and Health Coach.

A registered nurse will also meet you to take your weight and measurements. Xthetics provides all SCULPTD members with Vectra 3D photos and a body composition analysis with the InBody Scan. These technologies allow clients to clearly visualize their starting point so they can easily track their progress over time.

Consultation with the Pharmacist

At your second appointment, you will meet with the pharmacist to receive medications and advice on how to take them. They will help you complete insurance coverage and copay program applications if necessary.

Assessment by the Psychologist

You will attend sessions with our program's Psychologist in order to identify issues that may affect your success in the program and provide a psychological treatment plan tailored to your needs.

Assessment by Registered Dietitian

You will see our Dietitian at least four times during the program to receive nutrition counseling, meal planning assistance, education in mindful eating skills and support for habit building & behavioral change.

Assessment by our Exercise Physiologist

Our exercise physiologist will collect your physical activity history, evaluate your fitness level, identify comorbidities that may impact or limit physical activity and provide a yearly physical exercise plan aligned with Obesity Canada guidelines and tailored to your lifestyle.

Medical Weight Loss Weekly Follow-up Appointments

Every week thereafter, you'll meet with a registered nurse at Xthetics for 30 minutes

They will ask how you are doing, discuss any challenges you are facing, and take body scans and measurements to monitor your progress. Your nurse will also provide lifestyle counseling and keep you up-to-date with your medications. They can also set you up with the registration for upcoming nutrition and mental health workshops that interest you. Once a month, you will meet with your doctor for approximately 15 minutes to review your progress, go over blood work results, and renew or adjust your prescriptions.

Your SCULPTD Results

You'll be able to track your results easily thanks to virtual imaging software, strength and fitness tests and body scans that reveal how the program is working for you over time.Regardless of the speed of your progress, the end result to aim for should be a considerable improvement in your health and quality of life once the program is completed. The Calgary Sculptd members with the most long-term success continue to take what they learned during the program with them throughout their lives.

Calgary SCULPTD by Xthetics male model with dark hair

Why Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt?

Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt is passionate about helping private individuals reach their wellness goals through the latest innovations in science and medicine. They offer highly personalized care, education, lifestyle coaching, and state-of-the-art tools to track your progress. Their desire to help medical weight loss members improve their health and lives is outmatched only by their expertise in weight, lifestyle and health management. Their holistic treatments aim to deliver real results you can see and feel. Xthetics is here to help you look, feel, and live your best.

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SCULPTD by Xthetics Frequently Asked Questions

Joining the program starts at $597/ month +GST.

Currently, SCULPTD by Xthetics is only open to individuals residing in Alberta.

Calgary medical weight loss members receive a swag bag, seats at PCN-led workshops covering nutrition, mental health and other topics, coaching through a psychologist, exercise physiologist and dietitian support, and an invitation to join the SCULPTD Facebook Group. They also get discounts on body contouring and skin-tightening with Evolve X and 10 percent off other Xthetics services. The first month of medication samples is also included (while supplies last).

Medications, except for any free samples provided during the first month, are not included in the cost of membership.

As a self-referral program, joining is as simple as booking the initial consultation.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Each person that walks into our office has unique needs, desires, and concerns. We know the only way to provide you with a personalized treatment plan is to listen. During your initial consultation, we take the time to clarify and understand your goals and educate you as to the treatment options available. Xthetics Face & Body Sculpt offers advanced, medical-grade aesthetics solutions from compassionate, patient-focused professionals. Schedule a consultation today.

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